Select sites based on accurate recruitment potential

Aloha's predictive analytics enables your organization to
know which sites have the highest chance for success
before beginning site selection.

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Discover patients
Discover the exact population of qualified patients across your subject pool.
Route subjects
Automatically route patient profiles to site CRCs.
Reduce study risks
Reduce your study costs and improve project timelines while remaining HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Know which sites have the highest chance for success before beginning site selection

Quickly discover the exact population of qualified patients across your subject pool and automatically route them into screening.

Know how many pre-screened patients are at your sites

Aloha's predictive metrics allows you to employ actionable data indicating patient volumes for your study.

Reduce the timeline for site selection, feasibility and patient recruitment.


Faster than manual site selection


Faster than manual EHR search

Aloha's AI clinical phenotyping platform was engineered for privacy and data protection

The clinical phenotyping platform scans, de-identifies and phenotypes data directly from site EMRs and is only re-identified at the site CRC level.

Data ownership and control

Maintain ownership and control over your patient phenotype data while simultaneously being able to access, aggregate and analyze data in real-time.

Aloha's data storage platform employs offline encrypted key storage and a hybrid distributed cloud server setup to maintain the highest standard of data security.

Explore relationships between criteria,
sites and patient data

Phenotyping automates subject pool selection by providing accurate insights into qualified patients available at specific clinical sites.

Medical data

Doctor's notes
Lab data
Billing data, etc.

NCBO Bioportal

RxNorm, etc.

Patient Phenotypes

Unique ontological profiles containing multiple concept IDs are created for each patient.
Concept ID
A "UMLS concept"
representing one or more ontological terms.
E.g. C0042478

"Aloha's AI technology is a game changer! They quickly matched our trial with relevant sites with qualified patients, and connected us with the site management services needed to get our trial up and running in no time"!

"Aloha's AI phenotyping process and site-to-trial matching service has allowed us to find the optimal trials for my site network. In addition, their automated patient pre-screening saves us much time and money and increases our margins."