Hang ten with a wave of new patients

Quickly find sites with patients and route them to trials

Aloha's EMR clinical phenotyping and proprietary patient matching process allows you to quickly and more accurately identify which sites have a higher chance of success.

Benefits to CROs and Sponsors

Know how many pre-screened patients are at your sites

  • Explore a birds-eye view of exact patient numbers within your preferred sites and Aloha's affiliate sites using our proprietary patient matching technology.

  • Aloha's predictive metrics allows you to employ actionable data indicating patient volumes for your study.

  • Reduce the timeline for site selection, feasibility and patient recruitment

Know which sites have the highest chance for success before beginning site selection

  • Artificial Intelligence is used to discover the sites with the highest number of eligible patients based on your study criteria.

  • Patient data is de-identified and our process is HIPAA compliant.

Mitigate risks associated with study timelines

  • Know exactly which patients to recruit before trial start-up, increasing the probability of meeting and exceeding recruitment goals.

  • Greatly improve turnaround times and expectations during feasibility and patient recruitment stages through timely, exact, and actionable study metrics.