Kick back and let AI find your sites

Save time, money and resources with automated site selection and patient screening

Aloha's platform allows our customers to greatly reduce the time and resources spent during the site selection, feasibility and patient pre-screening process.

Solutions for CROs and Sponsors
Identify sites with eligible patients based on your study criteria. Explore relationships between criteria, sites and specific patient data.
Solutions for Sites and Site Networks
Quickly and easily identify patients that match your studies or studies in your area.

How Aloha Brings Value


faster than
manual site

* Based on a two week response time per site.

Engage sites with verified patient counts

Know which sites have the highest chance for success before beginning site selection. Artificial Intelligence is used to discover the sites with the highest number of eligible patients based on your study criteria.

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faster than
manual EHR

* Based on a manual chart review of 30 minutes per chart.

Find and route patients faster

Our AI platform allows research sites to quickly identify patients that would qualify for your studies by automatically reviewing every chart in the EHR. We identify those patients 94 times faster than doing a manual EHR search.

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faster than
site surveys

* Based on a two month timeline of obtaining surveys.

Feasibility in minutes instead of weeks

Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow us to correlate and connect vast amounts of patient and study variables resulting in a deeper understanding of your data and locating high value patients.

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