Don't be just another fish in the sea

Bring more trials to your sites by using our proprietary patient matching technology

We make your sites more valuable through improved revenue opportunities, physician satisfaction, and improved value to your CROs and sponsors.

Benefits to Sites and Site Networks

Improve your revenue opportunities

  • Provide sponsors with automatically pre-screened patient numbers by quickly matching patient medical histories to specific study protocols.

  • Aloha's EMR clinical phenotyping and proprietary patient matching process allows you to respond faster and more accurately to CROs and their clients.

  • Increase the volume of studies awarded to your organization.

Improve your value to CROs and Sponsors

  • Win more bids by responding to CROs and Sponsors faster with more accurate and actionable data.

  • Patient profiles from our site network affiliates are automatically provided to CROs and Sponsors for their site selection process.

  • Patient data is de-identified and our process is HIPAA compliant.

Improve PI and staff satisfaction

  • Clinical trial participation provides physicians with access to new treatments and procedures.

  • Your physicians can share their learnings at medical conferences, through respected medical journals and via published whitepapers.

  • Artificial Intelligence is used to find eligible patients for your studies. That saves your staff and PI time, and your network money.